Jupiter is going to spend 2.5 months in Pisces (May 13-July 28, 2021). Last year at a Queer Astrologers Conference I was speaking about how ol’ Jove pays his karma forward like Oprah saying, “You get a car! You get a car! And you get a car! One of the participants wrote in the notes ‘Juprah’. Been describing this jolly giant in this manner to every new client ever since. Like ‘I see dumb people’ for the Aqaurians, ‘Juprah’ often solicits laughter. The use of privilege to aid others without any attachment to outcome places in the Juprah zone. Whenever…

Got Me Feeling Emotions

Each time we get to this week in ORM, I think about Mariah Carey’s Emotions. Yes, it is a quick and simple association. Our souls speak to us in flashes of associations. I call them downloads. ‘You got me feeling emotions/deeper than I’ve ever dreamed of/You’ve got me feeling emotions/Higher than the heavens above’ — -sure these lyrics seem basic from an ego’s analysis that often wants to impress other egos. Our egos need to feel special. …

Yes, I am talking astrological stuff. After all, it is a language. Our Earth is moving through the galaxy, shouldn’t we know how it works. Before you scoff, know this: it is easier to be a cynic than it is to be a skeptic. Cynics pour acid without regard for fellow feelings. Skeptics hold enough doubt (like Thomas) to poke Christ in his side, for realz. Not wanting to be fooled ala Luther Vandross’ classic ‘Don’t Wanna Be A Fool’.

Well, I’m a Washington State Attorney (inactive AF) who likes to say “I went to law school in effing Iowa…

Quan Tracy Cherry

Full Time Spiritualist used by Astrological, tarot, I Ching & numbers. Living & studying our culture to inspire joy & love

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